Florida based destination wedding & elopement photographer.

30A | Destin | Pensacola | New Orleans | Mobile | Nashville | Knoxville | & beyond

newly wed couple sitting on the side of a mountain throwing a hat

Hi, I am a Storyteller + Adventurer.

I look past the obvious and my favorite things to shoot seem simple, but hold more meaning than at first glance - fire escapes between buildings, intricate lace work of a wedding dress, the tears when a groom sees his bride for the first time. These are things that we overlook so easily.

When you look through my images, I want them to make you think - Wow, I didn’t even realize this was happening around me when she shot this. Those are the moments that are most precious: the ones we didn’t even realize were happening. I value all my clients and my goal is for them to feel confident and comfortable in front of my lens. I will bring an element of ease and thoughtfulness to your experience that no one else can. When you invest in me you are not only investing in a photographer, but also in someone who truly wants to celebrate with you as your friend. I do not see you as a “client”; rather, I see myself as the person lucky enough to be invited to participate in the most important and intimate moments of your life. I honor the trust you have in me, which is why I leave every shoot knowing that both of us have gained a friend worth capturing every moment with.

I empower couples to celebrate their relationship in a way that is uniquely them as they promise their lives to each other because this moment deserves to be meaningful and unforgettable. Where you get married matters. How you say your vows matters and who you choose to spend the day with matters. Be intentional with every part of YOUR day. 

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“Audrey is super fun to work with and a talented photographer. For our couple's shoot, she took on exploring IJAMS with us and had an eye for unique, creative scenes. She loves what she does and was able to send us the final portfolio of photos the day we took them. She's very friendly, personal, and does her best to capture the photos YOU want and will absolutely love! I would recommend Audrey to anyone looking for any kind of photoshoot!”

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