You're probably racking your brain trying to figure out ways to include your family in your elopement right about now. Here's the thing; if you've decided to elope and ditch the overwhelm of planning a traditional wedding but your family is devastated at the fact that they can't be a part of your special day, I've got you! Rest assured, just because you have opted for an intimate day, doesn't mean that your family can't be included in your elopement.

Have you been looking for ways to include your family in your elopement? Read on to hear my 3 favorite ways:

Letters |

Have we forgotten about the good old days of writing letters? Personally, they are one of my favorite ways to preserve memories. Have your family and friends write you all letters that you open together (or even separately) on the morning of your elopement or intimate ceremony. These are not only super personal, but it is something you will be able to look back on for years to come. Be sure to lock these away in a fireproof safe, laminate, or put them in a box to preserve them appropriately post-wedding day!

Use letters to include your family in your elopement

Video & Photo |

Obviously this is one of the most common but hear me out... this is the most effective! Having your elopement day captured via videographer and photography helps everyone to feel like they were there. Bonus: turn it into a mini party/reception! Invite your family over for a viewing party of your wedding video and a slideshow of the photos you received. Sharing this moment with your family can really make them feel included in your elopement. Ready to hire your photographer? Contact me here!

A Celebration |

Lastly, You can have a pre-elopement or post-elopement celebration so that those closest to you can still feel like they are part of your day. Pop the bubbly, order some cupcakes and celebrate your love with the people you love without the cost of a traditional wedding! This gives your family the feeling of a wedding without actually spending that intimate moment of unity with them. Either way, it's a celebration you will remember for a lifetime! Additionally, who DOESN'T want two days dedicated to celebrating their love? For more info on planning a post-elopement party, check out this article!

Have a post-elopement party to include your family in your special day.

If you're toying with the idea of an elopement but just couldn't imagine your day without your family, you have options! Elopements are becoming more and more popular and, as an elopement photographer, I am SO here for it! At the end of the day, it's about what feels true to you and your fiance's relationship. Your family will love and support you no matter what!

Grilling out with your family during your elopement
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Picture of couple that their family and friends get to write notes around
Party post elopement
grilling out with family and friends after an elopement
party with family after wedding
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letters family members wrote to a couple to open on their elopement day
post elopement celebration
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