Picture this: you are walking on the beach with the love of your life, you hear the crashing of waves, feel the sand between your toes, and smell the saltiness in the air. OR you are hiking up the side of a hill that is at the top of the rainforest with the love of your life, you hear howler monkeys and birds, and you feel the breeze on your skin.

This is the diversity that Costa Rica has to offer when you decide to elope. Forest or beach, city vibe or country side, lounging at the pool or learning to surf. Costa Rica has it all and is a great place to elope! You can even make a week long trip of it (click here to see activities and restaurants from my time there).

Let me help you plan and celebrate one of your most memorable days of your life! Let's do this!

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica Elopement

Dominical, Costa Rica Bridals

Documents Needed to Get into the Country.

  • Passport

Dominical, Costa Rica Bridals


  • Spanish, but English is spoken as well in popular tourist locations/cities
  • I was able to get around (and feel safe) with knowing minimal Spanish:)


  • Tropical climate year round (hello warm weather in January!!!)
  • Average temperature 81 degrees F
  • Low (rainy) season: May to November
  • High (dry) season: December to April


  • The official currency of Costa Rica is the colon, but the US dollar is typically accepted by many stores/restaurants; also, most establishments accept credit/debit cards (which is what I used my entire time there).


  • You don't have to apply for a marriage certificate in either the US or in Costa Rica
  • One month before you will have to send info to your qualified officiant for them file some paperwork, which is a similar process to applying for a marriage certificate

What you Need to get Married in Costa Rica.

  • Valid passport
  • Divorce or death decree paperwork (if you have been married before)
  • 2 witnesses that are not family
  • A qualified officiant (lawyer or judge)

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica Elopement

Dominical, Costa Rica Bridals


Beaches (+ cities with them).

Manuel Antonio*



Marino Ballena National Park | Uvita*


La Paz Waterfall Gardens | Provincia de Alajuela

La Casona del Cafetal | Cachi, Cartago

Copa de Arbol | Osa Peninsula


Si Como No | Manuel Antonio

Capitan Suizo | Tamarindo

*locations that I have personally visited and explored