So I moved from Tennessee to get away from the cold and for the most part I managed to do that with the exception of sunrise sessions in January. I don't know if you will be surprised or not BUT I not only wore long sleeves and pants, I wore my parka too for this Miramar Beach engagement session.

Anyway oh my goodness Paige and William were troopers! You would not have been able to guess that it was 30 degrees outside and I am so glad that Paige got in touch with me while on their way to hammer out their wedding details down here in Florida. They drove 6 hours to check things out and thankfully I was free so we were able to get their Miramar Beach engagement session in. I cannot wait to celebrate with these two in a few months!

p.s. I am a huge fan of sunrise sessions, yes it is early but it is 110% worth it plus then you have the entire rest of the day to get stuff done!