Mat and Nikki both live up north and have been living through all the cold and the snow these past few months! It was almost a no brainer to get married down here since Nikki grew up here and in October we don't have snow like the north does!

They are both big into volleyball and come down to the area for the annual volleyball tournaments. Nikki did admit to Mat being better, but after watching them play around with it I would say she is pretty great too (much better than me anyway!). They were so fun to hangout with and I cannot wait to help celebrate them in October!

couple playing volleyball on Okaloosa Island during their engagement sessin
couple nose to nose sitting on the boardwalk
man giving a woman a kiss as she has his arms wrapped around him
couple standing side by side with trees and greenery around them
couple kissing as they are hooding volleyball out in front of them
couple standing on a boardwalk holding hands and looking opposite directions of each other
couple sitting back to back in the sand of a volleyball court during their Destin couples photo session
couple walking along a walkway in a local Destin, Florida park
couple standing at the end of a pair facing each other sharing a kiss during their Florida engagement session
man and woman standing on opposite sides of a staircase sharing a kiss on the Okaloosa Island Boardwalk
woman laughing as a man hugs her from behind
couple holding hands and waling in front of the water during their sunrise engagement photoshoot
man picking up his fiancé and spinning her in a circle as her hair blows in the wind
man leaning against his parter as he is laughing
man about to hit a volleyball on Okaloosa Island