When in Rome...scratch that, Florida...have a fun photoshoot even when it is raining!! And track down all the sandcastles you can! I so loved spending time with this sweet family who came 13 hours to grab a vacation at the beach! After several trips were canceled due to COVID they were so glad to be able to still take this one. Lucy and Tommie wore matching dresses and barrettes which made them look like their were modeling for a magazine and I think they would be up for that too:)

family smiling together
daughter holding moms hand as she points towards her big sister at the ocean
mom cradling her child sitting on the beach
little girl walking towards the ocean
two sisters hugging and smiling together
parents swinging the youngest child between the two of them
father holding his two daughters
two girls dancing holding hands as birds fly overhead
two girls pointing at a sandcastle they found along the Gulf
father hugging his daughter
daughter and mother holding hands walking towards the ocean
father and daughter holding hands standing in the ocean
little girl holding a seashell and smiling real big
family all hugging on each other smiling