Ever dream of living out of an RV and traveling all around the US of A?! Well this sweet little family is doing just that! They have been RVing since February of this year, starting in Texas and now made their way to the sunshine state! Dalis, their 6 year old, would have stayed at the beach all night if her parents would have let her. Maren, their 11 month old, was a little more hesitant towards the water, but once she was in it she had a blast! After their time here in Florida they are headed up north! How cool is that?!

father kissing his little girl on the cheek
family playing at the beach in Florida
little girl smiling holding her parents hands
parents air planing their children
toddler playing in the sand
man whispering in woman's ear as she is laughing
little girl wearing a white dress walking towards the ocean
couple swinging each other in circles
little girl playing in the sand as an airplane flies overhead
beach sunset
man hugging his wife from behind on the beach
girl holding her little sister in her lap
proud father with his two daughters
planes flying over Miramar Beach
daughter hugging her mother