Would you believe me if I told you we did all this in one hour?! The weather/sky changed SO much in the span of that hour and it made for some amazing shots!

Last year Trevor and Taylor, instead of moving their wedding back, moved it up for personal reasons. Taylor never got to wear her dress and get all dressed up. Trevor never saw her in it. For their one year anniversary they chose to renew their vows they made a year ago and put a cross together. These two were also finally able to get their first look! The love and laugher these two share is beautiful and so is how much they make each other laugh. They also shot gunned beers at the end and I thought that was pretty cool!

HAMU: Cedrian Greve Artistry

couple putting together a cross on a whiskey barrel during their vow renewal
a man and woman holding hands and looking in opposite directions of each other in front of sand dunes
man bringing his wife in for a kiss on the beach during their Florida vow renewal
man holding his suit jacket looking off into the distance on the beach
woman placing a cross inside a larger one during her beach vow renewal
woman putting a cross inside a larger one on the beach while renewing her vows
couple standing in front of large sand dunes holding each others hands
couple shot gunning a beer on the beach after they renewed their vows
woman cuddling up into her husband on the beach as a storm rolls in during their vow renewal
man getting emotional as he sees his wife in her wedding dress for the first time during their vow renewal
deep purple and white beach vow renewal decorations
man kissing a woman on her shoulder as she is turned into him
man passionately kissing his wife at the shoreline with dark clouds hanging in the sky
man and woman putting together their vow renewal cross on the beach
woman looking off into the distance as her hair whips around her back