Do you really need reasons why you should take time for a bridal portrait session??? They are amazing! Here is why...

1- more time.

Choosing to schedule a bridal session gives you more peace of mind that you will get all the images of you (and your groom) that you will want. Instead of trying to cram it all between the end of the ceremony and the start of the reception it gives the photographer more time to focus on YOU and getting all the great shots that can be gotten.

2- location.

location. location. location. YOU get to pick wherever you want to take them! Some will choose to have them done at their venue, but others will choose super different places to have them like on top of a mountain or in a forest.

3- can be used as a test run.

If done before the wedding (doesn't have to be) it can be used as a test run for hair and makeup and making sure your dress fits perfect and that you are totally comfortable in your dress