Imagine you have just gotten back from your honeymoon and you are sitting down with your new hubby to look at the wedding pictures you have been anxiously awaiting. You start scrolling through the portraits and absolutely love them, then you get to the big important parts of the day and *BOOM* iPhones and tablets galore.

Unfortunately, this is the reality at many weddings these days as everyone has a camera in their back pocket. You spend hundreds if not thousands on your favorite photographer to capture your special day, do you really want to see pictures of Uncle Ted stepping out in the aisle when you are walking down it or to see a bunch of lit up screens videoing your first dance? I didn't think so.

What does 'unplugged' mean?

An unplugged wedding is one where guests are asked to turn off all phones, tablets, and any other digital distractions during the ceremony and/or the reception so that everyone can be completely in the moment celebrating.

Why should I do an unplugged wedding?

I understand that cousin Martha wants pictures of you walking down the aisle for her Insta story and Uncle Bob wants to send a video of the first kiss to his twice removed niece; however, will it kill anyone to wait two weeks to get an abundance of pictures that can be shared in every which way? No it won't, but it will make you happier that moments were captured with everyone present and no one getting in the way of the photographer.

What is the best way to let my guests know that I am having an unplugged wedding?

There are several ways to let your guests know that you have chosen to have an unplugged wedding and hopefully they will all respect it:)

  • a sign at the front of the venue
  • a page in the program
  • have it announced before the ceremony starts and after everyone is seated

What parts of my day should be unplugged?

This part is really up to you. I would highly recommend that the ceremony is. Then with the reception you could not worry about it or have certain parts of it be unplugged (like the first dances)