Hello -

I am Audrey, and I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in Tennessee. I am an avid reader, traveler, and learner.

It is important to note that no two photographers are the same - we all have different eye, perceptions, sensitivity and talent that we bring to the table. That is what makes this line of work amazing, we (the photographers) get to make it into what we want.

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My Philosophy

I look past the obvious - close observation and engagement of the subject is my process. The challenge is to see beyond the distraction of the conspicuous to capture its unique self. The little details that others may miss, I won’t. My favorite things to shoot are the little things - fire escapes between buildings, little lace details on a wedding dress, tiny little hands and feet. Those are the things that we so easily look over or think nothing of in our day to day life, but when you go back and look at my images I want you to think to yourself, “I didn’t even realize that detail or that she was taking this.” Those are the moments and memories that are most precious, the ones we don’t even realize are happening. 

I value all my clients and my goal is for them to always feel completely confident and comfortable. I bring an element of ease and thoughtfulness to the day that not everyone does. When you invest in me you are not only investing in a photographer, but in someone who truly wants to celebrate with you and wants to befriend you. This is not purely a business relationship. I do not see my clients as just clients – you invite me into important and intimate moments. I honor the trust you place in me and like to leave each shoot feeling that both of us have gained a friend. 


all weddings booked after August 10, 2019 will incur a travel fee as I am anticipating moving (somewhere in the south) coming this Jan 2020; however, if in Nashville or Knoxville transportation/time traveling will be the only additional fee



4 hours of coverage
unlimited hi-res digital downloads
online gallery with 280+ images & print shop
print release



6 hours of coverage
unlimited hi-res digital downloads
welcome package
vendor recommendations
online gallery with 425+ images & print shop
10% off engagement session
10 fine art prints
print release



8 hours of coverage
engagement session
unlimited hi-res digital downloads
welcome package
vendor recommendations
online gallery 560+ images & print shop
25 fine art prints
print release



10 hours of coverage
engagement session OR bridal session
unlimited hi-res digital downloads
welcome package
vendor recommendations
online gallery with 700+ images & print shop
50 fine art prints
print release


For those with adventurous hearts and wanting to start the next chapter of their life the exact same way. Let's spend time hiking, exploring, and shooting!



3 hours of coverage
welcome package
vendor recommendations
online gallery with 250+ images & print shop
25 fine art prints
*includes all photographer travel fees within the U.S.



6 hours of coverage
welcome package
online gallery with 475+ images & print shop
50 fine art prints
*includes all photographer travel fees within the U.S.


a la carte

Second Photographer

not just one BUT two photogs for your wedding and to make sure even more memories are captured


Extra Hours of Coverage

because you never know, the party might go on


Rehearsal Dinner

2 hours of coverage


Engagement Photos

1.5 hours
up to 2 locations
up to 3 outfits
online gallery



30 min
50+ fully edited images
unlimited outfits
online gallery

*location would be clients house OR client would have to rent an Air BNB



1 hour
1 location
- a time after the wedding to throw your dress back on (& your man in his tux) to spend more than 15 min taking pictures -
75+ fully edited images
online gallery


Heirloom Albums

I offer a variety of custom made wedding albums and photo books created for all different budgets and lifestyles.

*image is not mine, but are representative of one type of album I offer

ask for pricing


Is the deposit refundable?

The deposit is a non-refundable 20%  to reserve the time/date desired. The 20% is part of the total cost listed on the pricing page.

How do you accept payment?

PayPal, check, Venmo, and card (for an additional fee). 

What is your equiptment?

I shoot with my Canon 6D and my second camera is a Canon 7D Mark ii. The extensive list of my equipment can be found in the about section on my website.

Is there cost involved with travel?

If the location is within 45 miles of where I am currently located or will be located during your wedding (typically Nashville or Knoxville), no extra fees are included. Outside of a 45 miles, separate expenses may include but are not limited to gas, airfare, and hotel accommodations. Gas mileage is 58 cents per mile in accordance with the 2019 IRS decision.

How many images will we get from our wedding?

Depending on the length of the event you can expect to get 400+ fully edited images.

How long until we can expect to see our wedding photos?

My typical turn around time is a month (most of the time it is sooner than that, just depends on how busy I am).

Do your prices include taxes?

Yes they do. My prices are the flat fee with no hidden costs.

Do you retain all copyright? Does that mean we can’t share the photos?

The Client shall only use the prints, including digital files IF DIGITAL FILES APPLIES.  The Client’s prints are for personal use only and shall not be submitted to contests, reproduced for commercial use or authorize any reproductions by parties other than the photographer. 

The Client may share blog post links, Instagram posts, and Facebook albums though use of the share functions and dissemination of direct links, or in any other fashion the photographer provides. Client shall not copy, screenshot, or capture the photographs in any other fashion (ex. Saving or screen shotting on Facebook/Instagram). Client must credit/tag Audrey Darke Photogrpahy in any posts or shares of their own.

Can we have the unedited images or RAW’s from our shoot?

No, I do not give my clients the RAW images.

Do you post everything online?

All the fully edited images will be uploaded to the online gallery which will then be emailed to the client. 

Can you shoot JUST our engagement session if you’re not available for our wedding?

Yes! Even if I am booked for your wedding day I would still LOVE to be part of your journey even just for engagement pictures. I love capturing love so I would never pass up the opportunity. 



If you think that I will be a good fit then lets do this thing and get it set in stone! If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out. 


I can be best reached at my email - audreydarkephoto@gmail.com. After you let me know which session you want I will have a contract drawn up for you to read over and sign. The final step will be the deposit to reserve the date and time you want. 


I cannot wait to work with you and if you need anything just ask me.